Our Four Key Verticals

In a rapidly changing industry, we deliver peace-of-mind assistance with a human touch. We help our healthcare industry clients reduce costs while advancing patient care.

Healthcare Providers

188体育网 helps hospitals centralize practice management to improve patient access to doctors and resources. By rectifying labor shortages, improving resource utilization, and effectively managing the revenue cycle, we focus on patient experience and satisfaction, while enabling health systems to become more efficient and cost-effective. Through careful physician referral, patient registration, and emerging health delivery models, 188体育网 assists our healthcare clients with providing the right care in the right setting.

Life Sciences

188体育网 is a trusted partner for medical-device suppliers, helping manage customer-support operations to their advantage. With decades of experience in providing expert technical support, we offer a wide range of services to manufacturers of ethical, over-the-counter, medical device, and other FDA-regulated medical products. Whether it's urgent product recalls or fielding frequently asked questions, 188体育网 improves customer retention by cementing patient confidence in your brands.

Telehealth & Care Management

Consumers today expect "at the touch of a button" service, and medical care at a distance is included in that expectation. At 188体育网, we have been supporting people across many different communications channels for more than 20 years. Starting with registered nurses in call centers and now utilizing nurses, coaches, and other providers on the phone, over the Internet or via email, video, or mobile device, we have helped more than 16 million people to navigate the healthcare system. OurTelehealth services improves patient access, reduces unnecessary visits to physicians' offices and hospitals, and improves the satisfaction of providers and users alike.


When it comes to selecting an insurance plan, today's informed consumers have more options than ever before. Customer satisfaction and administrative efficiency are critical to health insurers who are challenged to create more satisfying member experiences at lower cost. 188体育网 provides leading health plans with scalable, flexible, high-quality, member-support services that reduce administrative costs. Our friendly service professionals also help increase member retention by providing plan-selection assistance over flexible support channels.

Exceptional Customer Service Is Key to Your 2019 Open Enrollment Strategy

188体育网 has identified three critical areas for a successful open enrollment season

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Industry Expertise & Key Differentiators

With extensive experience serving Healthcare Providers, Payers, Life Sciences, and Telehealth clients, we deliver peace-of-mind assistance with a human touch. We focus on reducing client costs while providing advanced population health management solutions.

Increased Access

We deliver patient life-cycle engagement solutions across channels to improve patient experienceand reduce costs.

Expert Knowledge & Support

Our solutions focus on providing easy access to information, coaching services, and care coordination to improve patient engagement.

Award-Winning Analytics

Our analytics suite improves CMS star ratings, increases adherence, and utilizes predictive modelling to proactively achieve performance efficiencies.


From quality assurance to population health management, we have re-engineered our processes to focus on driving better patient outcomes.

Increased satisfaction for insurance customers across support channels

Our 24/7 assistance solutions enable our healthcare industry partnersto deliver optimal care throughout the entire patient life-cycle.

With the implementation of the healthcare reform mandate, it has become increasingly important for physicians, hospital systems, outpatient centers, and other healthcare providers to deliver improved patient care while reducing wait times and costs.


of insurance customers describe themselves as relationship buyers

Our Healthcare Customer Service Solutions

Member & Provider Support

Medical Device Adoption & Care

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Digital Services & Service Journey Design

Appointment Scheduling & Pre-Treatment Estimates

Pallative Care & Chronic Disease Management

Post Acute Care Management

Nurse Triage